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2019-11-14 22:30

Cyalume 10inch Orange 2hour Chemlights (with tripod), NSN (6Pack)Glove inserts, military issue, black, green, or brown (no synthetic orpolypro) army chemlights

These Cyalume Chemlights are standard issue for all military personnel, so you know there is no better alternative available. They provide intense light output for up to 12 hours, meaning you can get the job done when electric light isn't an option.

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Tactical Lighting Solutions has developed a multifunction light that glows like a ChemLight but lasts a lot longer. The Lazerbrite Modular Lighting System consists of two twistontwistoff lights that attach to a translucent body.

Cyalume's military grade ChemLights can be color coded for shift signals, drop zone, and hazard markers. They are recommended for use during training and land, sea, and air operations. Their line of LightShape circle markers are perfect for making sure your kids are seen on while trickortreating or jogging at night.

Component Hand Receipts: SKO (Sets, Kits, and Outfits) Hand Receipts: List of Useful NSN's: DA 31 (Leave Form) DA 2062 (Hand Receipt)

Department of DefenseMilitary When your mission depends on tactical light, training needs simulated devices for realistic signatures or both visible and Infrared light for tracking, marking and illuminating light for tactical, covert and Humanitarian Relief operations, ChemLight is the name to trust.

Cyalume Chemlight sticks are militarygrade glow sticks. The light sticks of the US military are available in different colors and luminosities, light sticks provide a safe and reliable light source for every situation. The sticks are individually welded and the perfect companion for camping, outdoor or the emergency bag.

Nov 30, 2014  ChemLights are made in the USA under strict quality guidelines to ensure each light stick works without issue when you need it the most. Competitors adhere to military guidelines ChemLight is the gold standard.

Cyalume's 6 light sticks offer 360 of illumination. They are foil wrapped for lightmoisture protection, maintenance free, nontoxic, nonflammable, and waterproof.

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