Batista vs john cena last man standing highlights

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Extreme Rules (2010) John Cena defended the WWE Championship against Batista in a Last Man Standing match. Cena performed an Attitude Adjustment onto a chair on Batista, who stood at an eight count. Batista performed two Spears on Cena, who stood at an eight count each time. The feud between Batista and John Cena continued after ExtremeJan 03, 2018, Wrestlemania XXIV, Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship, vs. Triple H vs. John Cena: I will admit that was a cool entrance by Cena and the match was actually good considering a Triple Threat is hard to pull off. There were some cool spots, unexpected submission moves and some good brawling. batista vs john cena last man standing highlights

Cena won the match and retained the championship after pinning Orton. The primary match on the SmackDown! brand was a Last Man Standing match for the World Heavyweight Championship between The Undertaker and Batista, which ended in a nocontest after both men failed get to their feet before the referee counted to ten.

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Apr 11, 2010 Not saying you need it, but I do not recall a Last Man Standing Match that didn't feature either one of those. As for the victor, my guess is John Cena. It's no spoiler that Batista has been talking about taking a few months off, if not retiring all together. As what was mentioned before, this is a perfect time to write him off.

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Apr 26, 2010 I think John Cena is gonna win this, pretty much because of the fact that John Cena is the whole never give up never quit person, and I don't see him staying down in this last man standing, I think it's gonna be a grueling cool match, and I think Batista is ultimately gonna be lying on the mat for the 10 count, which would probably be the only logic point too seeing as it'd be ridiculous to

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BALTIMORE At The Animal's expense, it was WWE Champion John Cena who achieved the last laugh in a Last Man Standing Match at Extreme Rules. With a bound Batista riling at ringside, the sight of Cena defiantly taunting his trapped foe at the conclusion of this notoriously barbaric bout only emphasized the mantra most familiar to the WWE Universe: The Champ is here.

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