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This involved the transportation of large sheets of Lewisian Gneiss, Torridonian sedimentary rocks and Moine Schists over a foreland consisting of all of these rocks, plus CambroOrdovician strata. The presentday, mature topography is glacial in origin, with numerous rounded hills never rising above 300m O. D. in the southern half of the peninsula and only rising to above 700m O. D. in the NE.The oldest rocks found on Skye are gneisses of the Lewisian complex that were formed about 2, 800 million years ago during the Archaean. These gneisses outcrop on the southeastern coast of the Sleat peninsula and were originally granitic igneous rocks. lewisian gneiss skye

The ancient Lewisian Gneiss also encompasses rocks such as quartzites, marbles, graphitic schists and amphibolites, which are thought to be originally sedimentary and volcanic rocks. On Skye, Rum and Raasay there are layers of red Torridonian sandstones, which were laid down in ancient river systems some 1000 million years ago.

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(A) Lewisian Gneiss. The oldest rocks preserved on Skye are gneisses of Lewisian age (ArchaeanMiddle Proterozoic), the bulk of which are exposed on the east side of the Sleat Peninsula, between Isleornsay in the north and Ard Thurinish in the south, Thin bands of similar material crop out on the west side of the peninsula, near Tarskavaig, and as an intrusionbound mass at Creagan Dubh, in the Strath district.

Lewisian Gneiss The Oldest Rocks in Britain and some of the Oldest in the World. The oldest rocks in Great Britain are to be found here, in the Outer Hebrides. As well as being spectacularly pretty, these rocks are 3 billion years old, yes they are actually two thirds the age of the Earth (what a thought).

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Skye is about 50 miles from north to south, and around 25 miles from west to east at its widest. The coastline is very irregular and indented by sea lochs. In all it is some 400 miles long and I cant think of a single mile of those 400 that I would class as dull.

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