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May 25, 2016  This video shows the technique used by Dr Alba Fedeli to create a hypothetical retracement of the Qu'ranic undertext of the MinganaLewisApr 28, 2016 Dr Alba Fedeli's edition of the MinganaLewis palimpsest Qur'an has been published online. Following her discovery of the early date of the Birmingham Qur'an, Dr Alba Fedeli has now published her reconstruction of the Qur'anic undertext of the MinganaLewis palimpsest held in Cambridge University Library. This manuscript contains portions of two other early Qur'ans, probably copied in the mingana-lewis

MinganaLewis palimpsest (Cambridge University Library Or. 1287), applying ultraviolet lighting in order to read the scriptio inferior of the parchment, that bears some fragments of Quranic text. Further aim of the project was the analysis of the content of the palimpsest, comparing it with the edition given

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The Cambridge manuscript is the largest part of a codex of which a few leaves are scattered among different institutions: fragments of the homilies are in Beuron as suggested by Vaccari in 1930 and in the Mingana Collection in Birmingham. Among the materials used for producing the homilies codex, the scribe used a few leaves belonging to two Qurnic manuscripts (see small leaves and large

While studying for her PhD she also reconstructed the Qur'anic undertext of the MinganaLewis palimpsest held in the Cambridge University Library. This contains portions of two other early Qur'ans, probably copied in the seventh or eighth century, which were later overwritten.

Since 2008 Alba Fedeli, a scholar of Qurnic manuscripts, has engaged in an extensive research project, uncovering the historic context of the MinganaLewis Palimpsest and applying new methods in an attempt to create a possible reconstruction of the Qurnic underwriting. The palimpsest as presented here is in large part a result of her

Agnes and Margaret Smith, twins, were born on 11 January to Margaret Dunlop and John Smith, a solicitor and amateur linguist. Their mother died two weeks after their birth, and

The Digitization Project of the Qurnic Palimpsest, MS Cambridge University Library Or. 1287, and the Verification of the MinganaLewis Edition: Where is Salm?

The project to reconstruct the MinganaLewis palimpsest was originally proposed by Dr Fedeli to the University Library in September 2009. The project presented many challenges in all its phases, such as handling the fragile manuscript, as well as the technical aspects involved in the image processing and the digital editing of the text.

Her works include the edition of the MinganaLewis Qurnic palimpsest. Alicia Gonzlez Martnez is a research associate at the AsienAfrikaInstitut, Universitt Hamburg. She has a multidisciplinary profile covering Arabic linguistics, Oriental studies and software development, with a

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[16 A. Fedeli, Digitisation Of The MinganaLewis Palimpsest, Cambridge University Library. Final Report Of The Project Funded By TIMA, 2010, The Islamic Manuscript Association, Cambridge, pp. 14. Available online (accessed 12th November 2014).

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