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The Official Website of Liat The Carribean Airline. LIAT soon celebrates 57 years of service in the Caribbean. No other airline can match the experience of LIAT because no one knows the Caribbean like LIAT.27 rows  LIAT LI Flight Status Tracker Get complete LIAT flight status online at flightpedia. org. We liat dominica flights

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Flights across the Caribbean Flights across the Caribbean. Flying to 20 top Caribbean destinations, LIAT airlines connects the Caribbean islands from Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic all the way down to Trinidad. Discover these stunning islands with an airline dedicated to this tropical haven. Featured Destination: Antigua

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The island's official name is the Commonwealth of Dominica, which is mostly referenced in official communiqu and to distinguish the island from its northerly Caribbean sister, the Dominican Republic. The island is sparsely populated with around 70, 000 people inhabiting its 289. 5 square miles. Dominica is an arcadia of unspoiled nature.

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